Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Official Blog of the Olympic Games

Yes ladies and gents, we are in the midst of yet another two weeks of international sports relations. This has been one of the most interesting Olympic games in recent history.

Is this because we've seen sportsmanship and record breaking performances? No... well kind of. But every Olympic games produces both. I think the last time the five multicolored rings didn't mean total sportsmanship was World War II. And with the new controversial Speedo technology that has everyone's... well Speedo in a bind, guaranteed we would see swimming like we've never seen it before.

Is this an interesting Olympic games because of the millions of sponsors that are all official "insert product here" of the 2008 Olympic games? Not really. I knew what was the official tampon of the 2004 games and what the official fastfood of the 2006 winter games were. This isn't new. Everyone is officially spending too much money to be official sponsors of the Olympics. McDonalds feeding the thousands of Olympians is highly ironic seeing as how most of the atheletes probably haven't had McDonald's since their parents threw them to some angry Russian coach when they were four.

It is interesting because China is trying to look buddy-buddy to the rest of the world, while Russia starts bombing the crap out of Georgia. (The country, not state. Otherwise this wouldn't be a big enough deal for me to write about)

China has attempted to control the weather by seeding the clouds with chemicals. In the five or six years these scientists have been at work, they once had success. Last year, apparently they made it snow. Communist propaghanda perhaps? Or did they seed clouds over a mountain peek in the middle of winter. Either way, China is taking on God, and I think its entertainment at its best.

Then you have the four U.S. atheletes that came off the plane with face masks on to protect themselves from the smog. China tried to ease the thickness of the smog by outlawing driving your car, and getting those wonderful scientists to try to make it rain, but it just wasn't enough to appease these American atheletes. These people that have spent their entire lives prepping their body for these games, are shunned for trying to protect themselves further. I couldn't have apologized. I would've told everyone to shut up, and get a life. If people accept Prince dressing in solid velvet, than I should be able to wear a mask.

Then of course there were the government beatings to the 30,000 trying to buy tickets. The stabbing of a former U.S. Olympians father. The denied Visa of the Darfur protestor at Beijing airport. Michael Phelps winning and breaking records and not showing a sign of emotion. And "Smiling" George W. waving his cheap plastic American flag in the stands.

Russia has started systematically bombing oil lines that supply western countries (I.E. us and our allies) with oil in Georgia. Georgia tried to call for a cease-fire, but the Russian officials said they won't recognize it because they think the Georgian troops are regrouping and not retreating. What does this mean to us? Possible higher gas prices, but also if this doesn't stop, a possible conflict. You see, little Georgia is an ally of the United States. And Russia hasn't exactly been friendly with the U.S. in recent years. Therefore, if this continues to escalate, we could end up sending our own troops in to interject. Cold War number II?

Putin was on a plane going to the Olympics when the assault started, (which was started by Georgia I should point out.) but I have a feeling he was on his cell phone saying, "You know. We haven't pulled the trigger on someone in a while. Do it!"