Friday, August 15, 2008

Exorcist... the True New Beginning

Yesterday while waiting for Sallie to get out of her interview, I picked up St. Louis' favorite free publication, "The Riverfront Times." After flipping past the pages of strippers and escort advertisements I found an interesting article on demonology.

RFT interviewed William Bradshaw, former pastor and college president (for four decades) and an expert on demonology. He never wanted to be a demonologist. He was more of an Old Testament scholar. His dissertation board in Scotland assigned Demons in the Old Testament as Dr. Bradshaws area of study. He was upset because he had hoped to study the dead sea scrolls, but now he was chasing ghosts. (He did eventaully get to study the scrolls as part of his research. Very interesting)

He talked about exorcisms, and how even though he knows more about demons than most, he doesn't feel he is prepared to perform one, although he says demons are among us, and exorcisms are sometimes necessary. Something that he reveals that I didn't know about Catholics, is every archdiosy is required to have at least one certified exorcist on hand. (St. Louis has two) Dr. Bradshaw goes on to say that the Catholics are the most prepared to perform this ritual because they have intense training. Even though this is interesting to me, this seems like 15th century vampire hunter stuff.

Anyway, the reason for this blog is because yesterday, briefly, I thought I needed an exorcism. You see, somehow Jimmy Buffett's "If you like Pina Coloda" was stuck in my head. Sallie and I just kept passing it back and forth between us. IT was hell! I thought about calling up St. Louis archbishop Raymond Burke, and having him send both exorcism performing priests immediately, but I was afraid of passing the curse to the church. Demons working from the inside is no good for the Vatican. Eventually it went away on its own, but I know it will resurface in the form of "Hit Me Baby One More Time" or "We're not Going to Take it" someday.

I had an interview with a recruiting firm yesterday. I was originally promised an interview with Monsanto, but left with potential interviews at about 15 other places. I have a feeling I've made a horrible mistake. I was drilled on IT related questions (while having explosive diarrhea incase you wanted to know) but I think I did pretty well. My knowledge only lacked with Office '07. We'll see what happens.