Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If I were to post a blog from hell... it would look like that

Day 34254: Its still hot here. Lots of demons. Lots of punishment. Sweet potatoes taste bitter. We only have S.U.V.s and gas is $47 a gallon. Yep, still sucks here.

Day 34255: ...

Basically work still hasn't calmed down. I keep getting the calls where the person calls pre-pissed off. So I've been yelled at a lot in the past week. Strange thing is, I'm getting good at it.

Help desk is a weird job.

1. People blame you for everything. Things you didn't program. Things you didn't make them have. Bureaucracy you didn't put in place. Non-IT related items like the fun one I got today, "The water pressure in the ladies bathroom on the 3rd floor is low." Essentially I fix other people's mistakes, while they never have to hear the complaints nor fix them.

2. I'm more of a psychiatrist than a tech person. I have to calm people down to the point of doing their job again. I'm always one question away from asking the user, "Did your parents abuse you as a kid?"

3. If I'm doing my job well, people start to learn their basic functions and troubleshooting techniques, eventually getting to the point where they don't need a help desk. Basically, I'm my own worst enemy.

Today I kinda messed up I guess. The bigwig (like real bigwig. The all knowing Oz that we never see big wig.) was walking the floor and I had just gotten yelled at for 45 minutes because someone's machine wasn't working correctly. I went to the restroom to clear my head and when I came back everyone asked me what happen.

I told them "I was yelled at for installing some incorrectly, 4 years before I started in the company."

My boss grabbed the back of my neck and told me who was right behind my desk after I said it, and basically said keep a low profile for a bit.

So hopefully nothing comes of that. Don't think I can get into trouble, but apparently this guy can't take any complaining.

This conversion so far has been crazy, but still I'm thankful I have a job at all and that I'm getting overtime.

I wish this could be more interesting, but honestly I'm just too tired. Almost two weeks of my four crazy weeks finished. I just hope by March things get back to almost normal where I actually have some time at home.