Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kitten Watch

So if you haven't heard yet, yesterday was fairly horrible.

Sallie got off work early enough for us to spend time together for the first time in 4 days. We went to the grocery store and bought all the ingredients we would need for a successful dinner. We got home and immediately realized we'd left one of our bags at the store... the expensive bag with all Sallie's hippie fake meat.

I was thinking about running back to the store when I looked into our bedroom and noticed the front door was wide open and Slider was missing.

We don't think it had been open long because the house was still fairly warm and everything we owned (besides the kitten) was still in tact as far as I could tell. We immediately dropped everything, forgot we were starving, and took off screaming Slider... for 3 hours. We covered a good six miles and wandered around until about 10:45 at night screaming his name. Of course this is the windiest and coldest night in a while. Every corner we turned we heard creaking wood, or a child screaming, and plastic bags blowing in the wind. (Its insane how many discarded plastic bags you notice when looking for a kitten.) Basically when two kitten parents are freaking out everything sounds like a meow.

Instead of sleeping last night, we woke up every hour thinking we heard tapping on the front door. Crash was constantly meowing and trying to get outside. I think everyone was worried. I officially gave up on trying to sleep at 6:15 this morning. Called in for the first three hours of work, woke Sallie, and went to Kinkos. We printed up 50 Slider posters and again walked for three hours.

Side Story: We woke up and went to Kinkos, but didn't have a staple gun. So we drove to Home Depo, bought staples that were the exact dimensions the staple gun said and came home. The staples wouldn't fit. We then walked to Home Depot thinking we could hang posters on the way home. We left the spring piece of the gun at home. So we wasted 45 minutes walking back and forth.

We hung about 45 of the 50 posters around the 12 block area around our apartment. Ate lunch and went to work. We were both zombies and couldn't really function.

Its weird, I came home today expecting Slider to jump on my shoulders like a pirate parrot like he does everyday. I never realized how much I talked to the cats either. This morning I was using Crash as a therapists/rescue unit. I kept asking her "Where is your brother?" I told her to "stay in the windows in case he comes by and doesn't know which house it is." I was saying it to try and lighten the mood, but somewhere in my subconscious I meant it.

Anyway, we're now playing the waiting game. I hope Slider comes back because even though he keeps me up at night, tears everything up, and breaks things on a regular basis, he's my cat. Part of the reason I couldn't sleep was because I'm used to his dead weight on my shoulder where Slider sleeps.

Rob said I should fly my dad back here and use his face to attract Slider back home. If we don't get him in the next couple days, maybe we can try that.