Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Birthday List and Quick Notes

Hello all,

  1. Birthday List: It's that great time of year again where I pretend that I'm not an adult and send out my birthday list. Only 24 shopping days until that holy holiday at the end of July.

    This year, I've decided just to give you all access to my Google doc Want List. This is a list I keep all year long of stuff I want. This is mostly for situations where I have gift cards and can't remember anything I wanted to get.

    So it may look huge, but don't let it scare you. It just means there are plenty of gifts for everyone to get me.

    The Birthday List!
  2. Soccer: Scored tickets to the Real Madrid vs Inter Milan football match at the Edward Jones Dome. A fellow soccer enthusiast buddy of mine and I will be attending this glorious event and having delicious beers downtown. I was incredibly bummed when I missed out on the Premier League match at Busch a few months back.

  3. I started a video game blog since my website has been down forever. If you want to read my thoughts on video games, old and new, check out Nostalgia Gamer.
  4. The Private Investigator: Yesterday I had one of the weirdest interactions of my life. A Private Investigator came over to interview me about a buddy of mine that applied for a position with the government.

    This guy was a certified bad-ass. Had a badge, looked like he street fights in his free time, and I'm fairly sure he probably kills terrorists for fun.
  5. Surgery Update: In three weeks, if I'm comfortable, I get to ditch my leg brace. That alone is worth celebrating.