Sunday, July 14, 2013

Old Timey Radio

So our TV broke. We probably got more time out of it than we should have.

We bought it over 5 years ago in Myrtle Beach. There was a pricing error at Wal Mart. A 42", HDTV was priced at $865. Retail for that size and the specs of our TV was closer to $1500 at the time. So we snatched it up.

I had a huge technology high as the Wal Mart employee wheeled it out to our blue '95 two-door Mitsubishi Mirage. Turns out, 42" is much larger than what a Mirage can handle.

So while Sallie went back to work, I had a buddy of mine with a larger car meet me in the parking lot. I had a lot of time to contemplate how Sallie and I probably had made some wrong decisions when our TV didn't fit in our car, but then I imagined playing Call of Duty in HD.

Last night, the TV wouldn't turn on. After jiggling some wires and doing a hard reset, I did manage to get the TV to turn on. Today, I didn't have as much luck. After some quick internet searches I found out the power capacitor is blown. Everyone said send it into the manufacturer to get repaired.

Problem is, Olevia hasn't been a company in about 4 years. They went under during the height of the recession. And the last time I brought something to a TV repair shop, they were going to charge $100 just to look at it.

So, Sallie and I had to drop some money on a new TV. I found a great deal on Amazon, but it won't be here until Wednesday.

So we're sitting in our living room, listening to the radio, like some sort of caveman and woman. Actually, its not too bad. We've both been incredibly productive tonight. So maybe this isn't the worst thing.

Since the TV won't be here until Wednesday, we're going to use tomorrow to re-caulk the bathtub. And Tuesday, who knows, maybe we'll go for a walk because I can walk without my brace.