Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Hottest Day of the Summer without AC

Get a cat they said! You'll love it they said!

So around 3:30 pm yesterday, I noticed the AC stopped kicking on. The temperature rose quickly, as did my temper.

I had a fairly sleepless night seeing as how it was 75 degrees with 75% humidity.

I adjusted my internal thermometer when it got to 94 degrees in the house with 92% humidity. That's when things are miserable. I prayed for that 75 degrees.

The cats all spent the morning laying in the middle of the floor, panting their little cat butts off.

I wasn't much different. Sweating and panting on the leather furniture.

Side note: Leather furniture looks nice, but has no practical application in the heat.

So I had the AC guy come out. He checked a few things and went down to the furnace. As he was checking the power he said something's not right. It might be the compressor which is about $450-500.

Just then, Slider comes downstairs and rubs against the furnace. The guy looks down and notices that there's a power switch about Slider height. He flips that, and the AC comes on.

So because Slider brushed against this switch I've never noticed, I lived 20 hours in one of the worst, more miserable states I ever had.

The AC guy was at least cool enough to just charge me $69 for the maintenance fee instead of the $89 for the diagnosis fee.

All three cats are now sitting in front of AC vents. I'm laying on the floor, almost naked, just giggling with glee.