Friday, June 28, 2013

The Last of Us, Now with Grandma!

I'm playing this really excellent game right now called The Last of Us. Before you stop reading and close my blog, this isn't really going to be about the game. (As a side note, the story telling, voice acting, and graphics are among the best I've ever seen. If you have a PS3, pick this game up.)

So the multiplayer is a little different than normal games. Usually, multiplayer is just killing each other and trying to have the best stats. 

The goal in the Last of Us is to get supplies and grow your clan over a 12 week period. You see, a virus has wiped out most of the population, and the few that weren't infection are scraping by. So you go into these matches trying to outplay the other team and get more supplies than them.

When I first signed into the multiplayer, it said, "Sign in with Facebook to make this more personal." I don't usually sign into these things, but I decided I would this time. Essentially what is means is Facebook friends will join my clan. 

I played a match, found some food, and got a notification that someone joined my clan. Clicked on the notification and it said, "Marian Dobyns joined your clan." 

Awesome, Grandma Dobyns is the first one to sign up with Clan Story. I would gladly spend the apocalypse with my grandma, she's pretty awesome.

So I played a few more rounds and more people joined my clan. Well as the clan gets larger, I see a scrolling feed in-between matches telling me what people in my clan are doing. 

I just want to say, don't mess with my grandma. She's a cold-hearted bad ass. Grandma Dobyns has killed bad guys, is our main hunter, has built shelters for us, and has buried the dead. Without a doubt, she is pulling more than her weight.

Then last night I logged in after not logging in for a few days and I guess I let food get low for the clan. First thing to scroll across the screen was, "Marian Dobyns is chewing on rat bones." 

So I guess the lesson here is, don't mess with grandma, and don't let her get hungry because she will not hesitate to eat rats to survive.