Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pregnancy Scares in Dreams

There have been a few times in the past few weeks where Sallie or I have a dream that she's pregnant.

I had a dream where Sallie and I had finally saved up enough money to go on our European honeymoon we have dreamed of. We spent three years aggressively putting money away. I was looking at plane tickets and getting ready to send out emails to our European friends telling them to clear space on their floors for us when Sallie came home and told me she just found out she was pregnant.

I flipped out. I was so angry and upset when I should have been happy. The only positive thing in the dream was I was able to run in it. I immediately left our house and went for a hard run.

I woke up still feeling upset.

Then, maybe a week later, Sallie had a dream that she went to a party and drank an entire bottle of Vodka and partied and was super hungover. Then she had to go to the doctor where they told her she was 3 months pregnant.

She then spent the rest of the dream worrying how she might have hurt the baby since she'd been drinking so much.

It's weird for us to have these sort of dreams. We're not sure we can even have a kid if we wanted to, but it was never something we wanted to try for. We put it out of our hands. If we got pregnant we're happy, but if not, we were not going to be upset.

We know we would be great parents. That's the one thing that bother's us. We see so many terrible parents in public, and knowing we could raise a kid to sort of balance out those doomed kids would be a nice gift to the world.

Adoption is not out of question. Its something we've talked about several times. But it is not anything we will probably do for at least 7 more years. We want to make sure we're financially stable and living in what we would consider a permanent place before we will make a decision on adoption.