Saturday, September 15, 2012

Old Writing

On and off for the past year I've been trying to transfer all my old lyrics, stories, and poems in digital form. Today, I was working quite a long time on transcribing and I found myself knee deep in high school writings.

It makes me feel great I've come such a long way since then. I see the potential, but seriously, I was a depressed teenager. 

Pretty much every poem is an emo-kid story about someone not liking me or me being alone with terrible rhyme schemes and sometimes set to skater punk guitar chords. I'd say somewhere around 50% of the poems contain some form of the line, "And a tear rolls down my cheek." Its something I probably wouldn't have noticed without reading all the poems back to back. 

I wish I could go back in time and punch myself in the stomach, really give me a reason to cry.

Then, I had to date some of the poems by what stuff I doodled in the margin. Like this shining example below.

It was a poem about love and growing up. Which means it was after high-school because everything in high-school was about heartbreak and being too young. 

This was a doodle of a girl I liked at community college and we briefly dated, that means, this poem was from the fall of 2003-Spring of 2004. However, I didn't have a class with her in 2004, so Fall of 2003 it is. 

Anyway, its a weird trip down memory lane. I can remember the moment I was inspired to write some of it, I can pinpoint the event that caused me to write some of it, and sometimes I surprise myself with a line or two I still think were very strong.