Thursday, September 13, 2012

The New Job

So after several frustrating months of being really unhappy in my position, I finally was offered another job and accepted it.

I'll be writing the technical documents, fixes, and procedures for the guys on the phone. I'll still have to take some calls myself, from what I've been told, that's because the business channel didn't think we needed to have a knowledge management team and the only way to protect those positions was to take calls. But I'll be taking 20 hours or less of calls a week.

So in true technical documentation form, I will provide a bulleted list of what is better.

  • I got to choose my shift. Instead of having a late shift where I can never hang out or do anything, I'm going to be working 9-5:30.
  • Some flex time. Can't do this all the time, but if I get caught late a few nights or have something important to do, there's some flex time available.
  • A little bit of a raise. This was a lateral move with potential to move up, but my boss still came through and got me a raise.
  • I only have to use one request off calendar. I know this sounds like nothing, but because the help desk is so phone oriented, I had to request off on the help desk calendar, the HR calendar, and if the day wasn't open for me to ask off, I would need to log into a third app and get on a waiting list. At the end of the year, all three of those systems had to add up to the same amount of PTO, otherwise, I would get audited. 
  • This is a team I wanted to join when I was first hired on at AG Edwards. There haven't been any openings through all the various corporate takeovers. So in a way, I'm where I wanted to be.

I needed to get out of my old position. I was stuck in a situation where I was resolving issues higher level and higher paid people are, but there was no room for me to move up.

Plus, the team I was working with was poisonous. There were a lot of people that were butt hurt when Wachovia bought AG Edwards and Wells Fargo bought Wachovia, and lives as they knew them where scrambled. There were a lot of people that were demoted during this, held back, and laid off. So there was just a lot of negativity I had to deal with, not only from co-workers, but from my customers all the time. It was making my life seem really bleak and dark at times.

So I'm jumping right into the new position starting Monday, and I hope its everything I wanted it to be.