Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Getting Equilibrium Back

Sallie and I just have not had normal schedules for most the summer. With Lacy and Rob being in town, working second jobs, working crazy schedules at those jobs, and Matt being in town this week, we just haven't had a normal.

Sometimes that abnormal is more abnormal, like this weekend for instance.

Matt came into town on business and Wilco happened to be playing in Columbia at the same time. We all decided against our better judgement to take the Sunday drive to Columbia for Rock n' Roll.

I actually volunteered to drive everyone back since I didn't work until 11:30. Of course, my new job wants me to start my new shift after I already volunteered. Oh well, I'll soldier through.

Well, flash forward to the weekend of the show.

Matt needs a ride from the airport.

I made plans with friends I had to blow off a bunch in recent months.

Lacy leaves town, we volunteered to take care of the cats. 

So while I do host duties to my buddies, Sallie runs out to Lambert. She gets back, works her second job for a bit, I send my buddies home.

We all head out to O'fallon to spend the night. I mow the lawn in the dark because their lawn mower is as complicated as firing a rocket into space. We all hang out and eventually pass out.

Wake up semi-early. We have to play the "one shower, four people" game to get everyone clean. We get on the road too late for Mcdonald's breakfast, but too early to really want anything heavy to eat. We grab what we can from DQ, drive the 95 minutes to Columbia, and settle in at Flatbranch for lunch and beers.

Wilco gets on, we rock out for a solid 4 hours, and by the end of the show, my back and leg are just wrecked. I drive home for everyone. We have to take our buddy back to O'fallon so he can get his car, then take Matt to his hotel room, and finally get home around 1:45 am. After a quick shower, I finally hit the pillow at about 2:15.

Alarm goes off at 8:30 am. I have to be signed in by 9. I don't feel human.

Not only is my schedule all out of whack, but my body is incredibly sore, and after eating travel food for a few days, my stomach hurt.

Basically, its like a body hangover I'm still feeling on Tuesday. I still haven't quite got back to myself. I don't know if its getting used to the new schedule, the four hours of training I'm doing a day, or a combination of everything.