Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It's weird to think that an event so momentous as September 11th, 2001 will one day just be an event in a history book.

Already, on Facebook and on the news, I'm seeing maybe only half the amount of posts I saw a few years ago. More and more, that event is getting locked into history.

Soon, there will be high-school kids that weren't even alive when it happened looking at the pictures of the burning towers in a history book, if they even get to the "modern" era of history. (I rarely got past World War 2 in American history classes)

I recently watched the entire series of a show called "Rescue Me," which is about a FDNY firehouse dealing with a post 911 world. Several of the main characters were at Ground Zero and lost a bunch of their buddies and its about them dealing with the guilt of surviving and the sadness of losing so many guys they cared about.

As the seasons went on and the show got further away from 2001, the fire fighters had to deal with a public that was quickly forgetting how many people gave their lives being firefighters and police officers. More new recruits come in, wide eyed with thoughts of glory and heroism in their minds, but the vets know there was no glory. The only heroes are the ones that died that day. Everyone else is a broken husk waiting for the fire to take them.

I don't have anything to really say beyond that. I just thought its going to seem really strange the further we get away from this how it'll seem like less of a life changing experience and more of an event.