Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ultramarathon Man

Whenever I can show some support for Sallie's hobbies, I will typically try to jump on it. It's sort of hard when her hobby is running and fitness. You can't just buy her dumbells for her birthday and you're good for a while.

Don't get me wrong, I liked being in shape and working out, but Sallie drinks this stuff in. She gets special socks, counts calories all day, spends tons of money on equipment, shoes, and gyms. She likes talking about "PRs," blood pressure levels, insane feats of humanity, and every step she learns in ballet class. I don't understand a lot of it, but I try to listen. (I imagine I do the same to her when talking about tech.)

I'm perfectly happy going for a 45 minute run after work or doing some weight lifting. That's really the extent of my life in fitness. I usually feel too busy for leisurely jobs. I'm mowing the lawn or fixing something. And generally, this is how I feel before and after a workout.

So Netflix recommended a documentary about a guy that ran 50 marathons, in 50 states, in 50 days called "Ultramarathon Man.". Sallie would love to see this, I know she's already read about him. I love seeing people overcome extreme situations.

The guy was a badass, don't get me wrong. He ran 50 freakin' marathons in 50 days. But his times weren't spectacular for the most part. I mean, he would've smoked me. His legs were as big as my torso. But he was coming in for the most part in the 3:45-4 hour range.

It was inspiring, made me want to get out there and run. (Sort of how when you watch Rocky, you want to train and box.) I was thinking, if this guy can do 50 full marathons, I would easily do another half marathon.

Then the last race, in New York, the bastard finishes in 3 hours. That's only 15 minutes more than it took me to finish the half marathon. Seriously, he ran 13.1 miles farther than me, and it only took him 15 minutes more. Screw that guy. Him and his super human strength. He needs to join the freakin' X-Men or something.

Anyway, guy raised a bunch of money to fight childhood obesity. He seemed really down to earth. Scientists basically said he only had the muscle damage of 1/4 a normal runner after a marathon after running all 50. So he's totally a freak, but at least he's doing it for a good cause. The film is interesting and well worth a watch.

Here's his website if you want to check him out: