Sunday, May 29, 2011

The James Bond Shower

I've recently started taking what is referred to as a "James Bond Shower" to help me wake up in the morning.

Basically, you take your normal hot shower. Get clean. Then, the last part of the shower, you turn the water down. Maybe not to freezing, but enough to chill you a little bit. I typically stand under the water for about a minute or two before I wuss out and towel off.

It's really refreshing. I'm sort of surprised, but sort of not. I've had experience with the icy hell that is the cold shower.

After spending two months in Columbia with no gas (thanks to the former residents who didn't pay their gas bill) and having to take cold showers every day. While it was happening, I hated life. I hated to get clean. I never felt like the soap was rinsed off of me. But one thing I did notice was that I was alert and ready to go. I vowed to never take a cold shower again.

And here I am, the punctuation of every one of my showers now is a cold one.

It turns out there are several health benefits from this hot and cold shower: better circulation, relieves depression, strengthens immunity, and makes your skin and hair healthier.

Click here for the article on all the health benefits of the James Bond shower.

The reason the person on the site referred to it as a James Bond shower is that James Bond would finish all of his showers like this in the books. It adds a little flair to hygiene. Makes me feel a little more manly, a little more secret agent and British.

I have to admit. I've been drinking a lot less coffee lately.I used to need coffee just to get out of bed, but now I usually only make a pot if Sallie needs some.

I've also been motivated to work out more. I normally work out about 3-4 times a week, but recently its been closer to 5-6. Definitely feel more active and want to get out more often.

This cold water shower is really benefiting me.

Now the downside to this is the four months in the winter when its too freakin' cold for me to even think about having cold water on my body. Hell, I would wear a hoody in the shower if I could in January. I think I'll probably go to my old ways of drinking 10 cups of coffee a day to keep me warm and moving.

Good news is, there's also health benefits to drinking coffee. Goodbye diabetes and Colon cancer! To between the summer and winter regiments, I should be one health American boy.