Monday, May 23, 2011

The Fun Parts of Arizona

It's weird being in an entirely different eco-system than you're used to. Arizona is exactly how you see it in those old wild west movies. Sprawling mountain ranges, towering flat topped mesas, cactus everywhere, and a brutal sun that can quickly be exchanged for rolling storm clouds.

Sedona is an area where all the hippies like to go. There are energy vortexes and crystals and positive energies and possibly random jam sessions.

Even if you aren't there to seek out vortexes and crystals, there's positive energy and beauty as far as the eye can see.

You get scenes like this in a 360 degree view.

The place we were staying was exceptional. The beds were large, each room had full on cable and a jacuzzi, and there was a babbling creek right behind it filled with mountain run off water. It was beyond peaceful.

The town was your typical tourist town with rows of stores selling air brushed shirts, rocks, and random postcards that had nothing to do with Sedona, yet had the city name stamped on them.

I was excited to try some new beers from the region. Sierra Nevada has many many more flavors than we get in St. Louis. There were a lot of gluten free, vegetarian, hippie crap too that was also good.

The best part about beer though is at the elevation we were at (around 4,000 feet) each beer is as powerful as 1.5-2 beers. Nick, Sallie, and I sat around the hotel room and after a beer were all feeling pretty good.

My father's ceremony was also nice. Done by a hippie, at the foot of a mountain called Cathedral rock, next to a flowing creek, with the sun hitting the perfect lighting during the short but fulfilling ceremony. The hippie that officiated had the most relaxing voice I've ever heard. I would pay her to just come to my room at night before I go to bed and just talk. Seriously, her voice was like a massage and a back re-alignment rolled into one. It was great.

Everything about Sedona was a light state of Nirvana. The wedding ceremony, food, drinks, weather, everything was just perfect.

I wish we could've had another day there, but like all good vacations it had to come to an end. Hopefully we'll be able to make another trip, Brett included, on a long weekend later this year.