Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Long Sunday

Usually on the weekends, I split up errand running and yard work. Usually I'll go to the grocery store on Saturday and then spend Sunday out in the yard. Sallie had the car this Saturday morning, so I decided to put it off and just do it all Sunday.

So, we went to Target and the Grocery store this morning. Wasn't the worst trip I've had, people weren't really getting in my way, but still, a tiring trip.

We came home and started prepping some food because I'm working overtime all week and probably won't feel like doing it then.

Then I decided, I have to at least mow the lawn before it rains again tonight.

So I go outside figuring this will be quick. Lawn mowing turns into weeding the garden, putting in the landscaping trim, and replanting some spices. Total time on my feet today: About 8 hours.

So, as I'm tearing up the weeds, I fill my landscaping bag and then bring it to the alley to throw the weeds away when I find this.

That is a picture snapped after I cleaned it up a little. When I originally went outside, this six month old Christmas tree was just on top of the lids of the dumpster and surrounding it on all sides.

What's even more lazy is they just left their Christmas tree lights attached to the tree and just chain sawed it into pieces. Trees in the yard waste dumpsters get turned into mulch that anyone with a St. Louis City address can get for free, which means, someone is going to get ground up light bulbs in their mulch. Not cool.

So I spend15 minutes breaking the branches into smaller bits, shoving the tree into the yard waste bin, and removing the Christmas tree lights when I could find them.

So, now that I'm back inside, I'm f-ing tired. My feet hurt, my hands hurt, my back is sore, and my eyes feel puffy. So now, I'm sitting down, just having one of my newly brewed beers, the Imperial Nut Brown...

...and it's delicious.