Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Ghosts of You and Me

Sallie and I love this psychic named Chip Coffey. He has his own television show where he teaches psychic children how to handle their abilities and not to fear them called Psychic Children and often appears on another show called Paranormal Activity. Don't get me wrong, it's total trash TV, but Chip does appear to be legit.

About a month ago, Chip Coffey did a personal reading and ghost hunt at the Lemp Mansion. For $100, you got to hang with Chip all night. If you had deceased loved ones come through to talk to you, Chip was going to let it happen. If the Lemps were roaming the grounds, Chip was going to let you know about it.

I wanted to go, but money and a ride prevented it from happening.

There have been several times in the past few weeks where I have had very vivid dreams of me wandering around with Chip in the Lemp mansion. He always freezes at one point and turns slowly to me and says, "There's someone that wants to talk to you." Always at that point I wake up.

I've started to wonder if someone was supposed to deliver a message to me. What if I was supposed to be there?

It's really been nagging me. I don't feel like I can go to any psychic and get this rectified. I feel like it has to be Chip for some reason.

My family has an abnormal sensitivity to this sort of stuff. Probably why I'm so drawn to ghost hunting. There have been countless stories of relatives getting messages from beyond the grave. I never really got one of those messages (unless you count the picture of Larry's Tin Man from Christmas) and was always a little jealous. Ghost hunting seemed like a natural substitute.

The next time he comes anywhere close to St. Louis, I think I'm going to have to go.