Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mountains and Plains Five States Away

I was looking through my old blog on My Space and found this little gem. It was from when Sal moved to Myrtle Beach without me. I'm impressed by my past self. Really need to get writing again.

January 2nd, 2008
Mountains and Plains Five States Away

The clock struck new year
I'm alone in this place
Fireworks exploded
And I type away

Everyone else is drunk on delight

The lights are out
The mood is in
For writing what burns
Circles in my head

Everyone else toasts the world

Four states in between
Seems so far away
Plains and a mountain range
Tears me from you

Confetti and fireworks fall for them

This one can't compare with before
Drinks in hand, dance on the floor
Exactly one year ago
Was when I said "I love you"

Expressions don't express how much I miss you