Saturday, February 5, 2011

Those Dreams I Said I Didn't Have...

Yeah I had one. Remember when I said that virtually half my family gets these realistic psychic messages and I've always missed out. Well, I had one last night.

I was at my Grandma's house tearing apart some shelves in the basement. It was weird because my Grandpa was there, but no one seemed to think it was strange.

He was sitting at the kitchen table eating ham and mustard sandwiches. That detail is from real life. I have a vivid memory of helping him construct the very shelves I was tearing apart and on our lunch break we were served ham and mustard sandwiches. It was a weird combo I would've never put together on my own, but it was delicious and I remember it was my go-to lunch meat sandwich for the next many years.

At one point he flagged me over and told me I needed to follow him, he had something important to show me.

I followed him out onto my grandma's deck. He sort of bounced up and down in the back corner of the deck and the wood bowed, and whined, and bounced. He said, "This is dangerous. Make sure no one comes back here until it gets fixed." I told him I would.

Then the weirdest part is, he said, "I didn't die how you think I did." He wouldn't elaborate. Just kept saying it over and over again.

I called my mom today and told her. I had always believed my grandpa died of a heart attack, but she told me one of the possibilities was that he had an aneurysm but no one knew for sure. This was the first time that I had ever heard that theory.