Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Worst Activity Ever

Running... there's not much else on the planet I hate more than running.

I think there are multiple reasons for this.

1) With my deformed feet, I've pretty much never had comfortable shoes. My toes are always crunched, my toe nails are always ingrown and infected, and I have a small arch. This means, the entire time, my feet are hating life.

2) Thanks to my knee cap injury a few years ago, I don't really have a solid running form. My bad knee sort of jerks the bottom half of my leg away from the center of my body when I'm running. This obviously puts more strain on the other knee.

3) I've had bad allergies my entire life. If my lungs take one deep breath of pollen or mold, I can't breath from my nose.

The reason for pointing this out... I'm going to run a half marathon in October. For those of you not up on the running world, that's 13.1 miles.

I wasn't going to sign up for this. Then Sallie pulled the trigger for her. I still played it cautionary. I wanted to train a little more and make the final decision closer to the run date. Then, my good friend Allie, also signed up. I realized that this would mean, no matter what, I was going to have to go out to the race and support them. So my decision between sitting on the sideline for 2.5 hours supporting them, or just manning up and running it myself was an easy one.

I've never ran more than 5 miles in one go. I truly hope that runner's high is a real thing, cause I'm going to need that to get through this pain.

I think the worst part of the entire ordeal is, I will have to drive home after wards. When you get done running 13.1 miles, you just sort of want to collapse. (I know this, because after 5 miles I want to collapse into an ice bath and take a disgusting amount of pain killers.)

The race is out in St. Charles somewhere. From what my friend Allie has told me, this is one of the easier marathons. It's really flat, and beautiful. October weather should be perfect too. Won't get over heated as easily, but also isn't so cold that your lungs freeze as you inhale deep breathes.

So, I've got a knee brace, I'm starting to horde ice for my recovery, and I'm hitting the gym 5 days a week in preparation. I have about 7 weeks left before its go time... oh God what have I done to myself?