Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Get Off My Property and I'm Keeping Your Frisbee

Our next door neighbors offered to redo half of our fence on their buck because they want their fence to look nice and have plans for doing some sort of overhang. Sallie and I quickly agreed seeing as how the offer was a win/win situation.

At this point, I would've much rather of of paid for the entire job myself.

1.) When the neighbor pitched the idea to me, he caught me checking the mail. For the next hour and fifteen minutes he kept me outside, sweating my butt off, giving me the twenty year history of our street, and the ten year plan for his house. Even if it didn't sound like a good idea to me at this point, I would've merely submitted. I now know how shady governments get people to admit things they didn't really do.

2.) Once the fence was down, my backyard had two huge saw horses and a pile of posts right in the middle of it. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but I hadn't mowed the lawn in almost two weeks at this point. I mowed around it, but I'm not looking forward to mowing that area whenever the building materials are finally moved.

(While I discovered this, the neighbor on the other side was getting their roof re-done. The guys working were shedding roofing tile all over our house, porches, and back-yard and had run their extension cords to our house and plugged in to our outlet. Now, its not going to cost me much for you to have your power tool plugged in for a few hours, but you could've at least asked, and for heaven's sake, clean your shit up.)

3.) A discovery that they had been letting their dog come into our yard to poop was not welcomed. I discovered the first pile when I stepped in it, in my sandals, on a breezy 100 degree day after a long night. I wanted to throw up. I then found 5 more piles, several of which are smashed by others feet already.

4.) I don't know what they did, but both of our gardens have melted into our yard.

5.) The neighbor won't just leave me alone. Looking at my call log, I've received a total of 12 calls in the two weeks this project has been going on. Even though the neighbor knows we work late hours and I told him that I would probably not answer the door or phone anytime before 10 am, he has called me at 8 am twice and 9 am six other times. I've even pushed the answer button in my grogginess and let him listen to us sleep for however long it took him to give up.

Basically, I feel like we are getting taken advantage of and the neighbor is over stepping boundries. So my question to you is, how do you tell the neighbor to piss off without starting this extended and awkward, quasi-neighbor war? The fence project should be done by the end of the week, so I guess I really don't have to deal with it much longer.

I would like to hack into the neighbors phone and delete my phone number. I have a feeling this won't be the last project I'll be bothered with.