Monday, January 26, 2009

A bit sunnier

Today was a bit better.

I called our old apartment complex this morning and told the person working that I was curious about the debt we owed them. I was fairly sure we had paid them off and we hadn't received any sort of warning or statement saying we owed anything. So, after months, we assumed we were clear. The person sounded surprised that I was being nice and said it would take her an hour or so to find the information needed.

I had to go to work.

Sallie called the debt collector who was a complete moronic b*tch. Sallie said that some paperwork got messed up and we actually only owed less than half of the $1500 they thought. Snidely she replied "Well we're just going to have to confirm that with your apartment complex."

She started getting our checking information to start processing and then asked Sallie is Missouri was abbreviated MI. Sallie almost didn't want to give our information to an idiot, but really had no choice. I just hope that later this week we don't find $1500 gone.

We're about to combine our helpdesk with the Wachovia helpdesk in Richmond on Wednesday. My boss fearing for the call volume we will receive reached out in an email asking ideas. I gently reminded him that our calls will come earlier because they are on Eastern time and he panicked realizing that he had moved most of his workforce (including me) to later shifts. He then asked me if I would be willing to pitch in and work overtime, I agreed. Then he showed me my schedule. For the next month, I'm the proud owner of 50 hour weeks. It will be great for paying off a couple small debts we have sitting around and potentially getting a new winter coat, but don't expect me to be overly excited at hanging out.

This coming weekend, assuming that there is no disaster, we will be going down to Cape for a take it easy weekend of movies, family, food, and fun.

Then we want to hit Columbia for a one night only special event in the coming two weeks before everyone we know moves away.

We also are going to hit up Lindsay's Lakehouse the next time they go because we haven't seen Lindsay, Sean, Zak, Bob, Jeanne, or Dolores! in a hot minute.

Also on the agenda is visiting Grandma and Aunt Lisa because I haven't seen either of them since about our wedding. So some weekend soon when we all aren't busy as can be, I will come over.

In the future future, probably Marchish when I can get off work again, we will be heading to Louisville to finally see Lindsay's new house, Sean, Zak, and my family there.

The busy lives of the newly-weds continues.

Right now we are getting snowed on fairly hard and are praying for a snow day tomorrow. It'd be nice to have a day we absolutely can't do anything during.

And as always, here's a shameless plug of our website.
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