Sunday, January 11, 2009

Anniversaries and Resolutions

Tomorrow Sallie and I have officially been married for a year.
In this year:
-We've moved to Myrtle Beach
-Worked dream jobs
-Tried Octopus
-Discovered Yuengling
-Bought a kitten named Slider
-Were laid off from said job
-Drank a ton of Yuengling
-Drove back to Missouri
-Was hit by a deer, destroying our rear view mirror and side panels
-Drove back to Myrtle Beach to pack up the rest of our stuff
-Drove back to Missouri
-Hung out in mom's basement desperately searching for work
-I was hired on at Wachovia to fix computers and daily drove 2.5 hours
-Got an apartment downtown St. Louis
-Sallie got hired on at a job
-Realized the Mitsubishi is done for
-Set a budget
-Shopped for a car

All of this without a fight. We've had a ton of laughs, tears, anger, frustration, fear... we've lived 10 years of marriage and we're still going strong.

As far as resolutions go...
I promised these almost two weeks ago now. I guess I didn't follow the holiday again. So sue me!

Here's what I've resolved to do to better myself. To make myself happy and stronger

1. Exercise is no longer just something to do. It's something I will do and take seriously a minimum of 5 days a week. Being forced to walk home from work will help me get into a fitness routine until Sallie's schedule meets up with mine better.

2. I will write at least 5 hours a week. I want to have plenty of work's somewhat finished by the time the economy returns to a stable state. When the publishers are once again looking for new talent.

3. I will play guitar for at least 3 hours a week. I want to become as good if not better than I was before. This might prove difficult since I can hear my neighbor so well... I assume she can hear me. Until I get good enough, I will have to try to keep it down.

4. I will be less tired in mind and body. I used to be the guy that everyone wanted around for the aura I brought with me, but no longer. I'm now just a tired version of my former self.