Monday, July 7, 2008

The Tree Fort You've Always Wanted

Sallie and I are finally almost settled in for our new makeshift house in my mom's basement.

We have both of our dressers, our bed, tv, tv stand, lamps, and entertainment center set up on a 15' by 15' patch of carpet where at one point my brother's drum set and family workout equipment once reigned supreme. Sallie and I were both concerned that privacy would at some point become an issue, but with our new sheet fort technology (also known as getting older and a bit smarter) we've essentially created something we've both wanted for fifteen years.

Very little light comes in. We have room to hang out, run around, and even break dance if we wanted to. The TV and DVD player are set up and running well. And thanks to Boeing, wireless internet is at our fingertips.

The cats love our new area. I think this is because neither of them have ever had this much space to rampage around. When I first introduced Slider to the space he was going to occupy, he's eyes just about fell out of his head. I've never seen a cat's eyes open this wide. He honestly doesn't know what to do with his new found freedom. Crash has found one thirty foot lane of concrete she can run back and forth on. She's been chirping a lot and allowing you to pet her, which means she happy. Slider's only issue is he wants to be around us all the time. Especially when we enter the main floor and he's not invited. (Although he's already figured out how to open the cat door from the inside it seems.)

Our villa opens up to a pool and deck. Has a fridge and bathroom within five feet. It stays the perfect temperature all the time. We have yet to see a single, living spider down here. Yes, life might just work out fine for the next several months.