Thursday, July 17, 2008

Things without bone structures

Sallie just asked me if I thought this was worth a blog and not just a Twitter post, but it has me so freaked out that yes, I think this deserves a shortened blog.

Sallie and I went for a 10 pm swim tonight (remember I told you our Vista empties out to the poolside, lucky us) and after the swim I decided to drip off for a second outside. I came in, dried off properly, and changed my clothes. Then I felt something crawling on my leg. I looked down and there was what at first appeared to be a large slug on my shin. Then it bit me! Slugs don't bite as far as I know. Turns out I had a freaking leech on me. I grabbed a paper towel, squished it, and threw it away.

Now leeches (or parasites in general) already freak me out. If I ever got a tape worm and the doctor said I was going to have to poop it out, I would seriously consider keeping it and ignoring it was in my body. Let me explain why. I am not scared of spiders, insects, the dark, heights, poor people, criminals, guns, aliens, or anything else people are often scared of. However, things that don't appear to have any bone structure such as leeches, snakes, eels, and various worms (Except earthworms. I cut one open in highschool and they just seem less threatening) scare the living crap out of me. The idea of having one in me scares me even more. Somehow though, the thought of a leech attaching itself to the outside of me is the scariest scenario yet. I wanted to burn him and my leg.

I thought I handled it well. I definitely had distress in my voice when I was begging Sallie to bring me a tissue, but I don't think I was to the panicked fifteen year old girl in a slasher movie screech yet. I pulled him off of me and then put hydrogen peroxide all over my leg. If leeches can get me at my own home, they can get me everywhere.