Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Comicbook Man

I've joked about this surgery turning my life into the "Rookie of the Year" story where all of a sudden I can kick a soccer ball at 200 mph and get picked up by a Premier League team.

But then I read about the insane medical advancements we're making and it might not be that far off. How long until we have elective surgery to enhance ourselves physically as human beings?

My wish list would have several things.

  1. The bionic eyes : They already exist. Read that article, blind people are seeing. That's ridiculous  How awesome would it be to not only have perfect vision, but to be able to see night vision, thermal vision, X-rays, or heck, even download new eye colors. 
  2. Robotic limbs : Scientist have figured out how to create prosthetic limbs that can be controlled by your brain. Yes, this is still incredibly early in the process, but you know we're only 10 years out from the Olympic committee having to discuss the use of robotic limbs in sports. My knees are going to break down in the next two decades and I will have arthritis, but if I time it right, I might be able to run faster than a car with my shiny new robotic legs. 
  3. Exoskeletons : There are already "Iron Man" suits developed that could potentially protect soldiers from bullets, minor explosions, and shrapnel as well as give them extra weapons, flight, speed, and strength. There's got to be a way to inject Adamantium into your skin or bones to create an essentially invincible man without having to wear a suit.
  4. The Supercomputer brain: Beyond the physical advancements, what if we found a way to unlock more brain potential? It would be like putting more memory in a computer or upgrading your hard drive size. We could be just as ADD with our Smartphones, but actually retain information. 

We would be living in a comic book. Terrorists would become Supervillians. Government sponsored superheroes would duke it out in the streets with these guys. Major police forces would have to consider having an armored swat team. 

Things will be NUTS! And I for one, can't wait. 

That is until Skynet goes online and turns all of us robotic people against you normies.