Thursday, April 25, 2013

Social Media Parents

As a non-parent on several social media sites, I have to say my feed is often filled with things I just don't care about. Many of my friends that joined Facebook around the same time in college are popping out puppies and sharing the inane progress of their children with the world.

Most of the time, these people end up getting hidden from my feed. (And after the election that just took place, I really only see updates from about 40% of my friends)

For instance, this girl I used to go to some awesome Ska shows with in highschool just had a child. She has wanted soooo badly to be a mother. I knew the crazy updates were going to happen, but like a car crash, I just couldn't look away.

She had a blog going about her prayers for this child before it came into the world. She would ask questions to her seemingly endless mom friends about the best way to pump breast milk or cloth vs disposable diapers, and for some reason, I just kept her on my feed. I wanted to see how far this would go.

Then on Saturday she posted this black and white grainy Instagram photo of her kid in this giant store and the caption read, "First trip to Costco." I don't know if I've ever seen a picture and caption that summed up suburban life as much as that.

I have other friends that have had a child, but they keep it on the down low. However, their significant others force the updates on the world by tagging that person on everything. So even though my buddy hasn't said a peep about his daughter on Facebook, his wife updates us daily with pictures of the kid in the bath, the bedroom, vomiting, eating, crawling, watching tv...


So anyway, I suppose the point of my post is that the non-parents have a hard time being as excited that your baby ate carrots without throwing it up. Hell, there are probably parents that have 2-3 kids that don't care anymore either because they've done that dog and pony show 3 times and it just isn't as cute anymore.

There is however a way to write about your children that I enjoy. Below are just two examples.

  • Reasons My Son is Crying - This Tumbler is filled with photos of this person's son crying and the reason why. There's some comedy gold here.
  • Baby Sideburns - Written for, this blogs is the hilarious midadventures of a mom and how she sees the world. This one can contain some cursing, so be careful at work.