Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vote of Die!

Ahhh, election day in St. Louis. The sun is shinning. The birds are chirping. The temperature is a crisp 38 degrees.

Yes, I woke up to be one of the proud 10% of registered voters to turn out today.

This is actually my first election in St. Louis. Through some processing error, they were unable to get my registered to vote for the Barack Obama election, but somehow requested my presence for jury duty only two weeks later.

This actually has bearing on most of St. Louis. This vote today determines if that 1% commuter and resident tax for the city stays in place. I bet if people paid attention to that, we would have a turnout closer to 35%.

I guess voting was made easier since my polling place was at the school on the corner of my street. I woke up, ate a donut, and walked up to vote.

Anyway, it was a quick vote. Four things were on the ballet, 2 of which were uncontested, and the 3rd might as well have been. (Democrat vs a Green party member. Wish they had a chance, but I just don't think so.) And the 1% tax issue.

I tried to look up information about the candidates, but I couldn't find anything. Really the only literature I found was a bill-board for an alderman not in my area. But Gus, I would've voted for you if I had the option. Everyone else, I found nothing. Not even a Facebook or Linked in profile. No government pages. And I didn't see election covered on the Post Dispatches website until this morning.

I wandered into the gym to find eight volunteers, several of whom were munching on huge bags of spicy chips. Did the electronic voting, which was hella easy. And was out of there within five minutes. I had set aside 15-20 minutes for the whole thing, but had only spent seven minutes walking there and voting.

So I walked the long way home, enjoying the beautiful crisp jacket weather one last time before the humidity rolls in and makes the next four months an un-enjoyable, baseball filled, allergy ridden, hell.