Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bring Out the Zamboni

And then the lights went low at Scott Trade. The fans filed out to their cars wiping excited tears from their eyes. The season was over, but they hungered for next season. The building is now empty of the echoes of screaming fans.

Sure there will be Bon Jovi and Josh Groben over the summer, but 24,000 people wearing their blue and yellow proudly feed the building an energy it hungers for in the off season. It's an energy that the biggest band in the world couldn't match.

The fans stayed through all of the struggles in January, and we rejoiced together during the high times.

It was a fight being down Perron, Oshie, Jackman, McDonald, and Steen for large portions of the season, but the Blues managed to keep a respectable level of play even with a roster of seemingly all minor league players.

There was the heartbreak of having Marek Svatos and Kyle Wellwood snatched on waivers when the Blues really could've used their talent.

It was a surprise to see Eric Johnson, the hailed future superstar of the Blues, traded to Colorado with Jay McClement for Chris Stewart and Kevin Shattenkirk. We traded Boyes, Brewer, and Winchester. We're likely to lose Conklin over the off-season. The team doesn't look nearly the same as it did back in September.

David Backes has hit a career high in points, tied his career high in goals, and has become a leader that will most likely be wearing a "C" on his jersey next year.

Chris Stewart picked up his goal scoring production the moment he put on a Blues jersey, and if he can keep up this pace, will be a potential 45 goal scorer next year.

Next year will be a differnt team. Every though we've said it several years in a row, I truly believe we finally have the makings of a playoff ready team. So for this year, yes, the Blues join 13 other teams, in not making the playoffs. But Lord Stanley's Cup will be there next year, danging like a carrot in front of a hungry horses mouth.

So bring out the Zamboni, I'll see you in 2011-2012 St. Louis Blues.