Monday, July 26, 2010

Against Me!

This weekend was the Against Me! show downtown. It was like a personal birthday present to me.

Nick and I showed up as early as we could, probably about thirty minutes before gates opened and it was 170 degrees. For real, 170 ridiculous degrees.

The irony was not lost on us. Against Me!, a largely anti-war punk band, was playing a free show at the Soldiers Memorial.

Anyway, we filed into the show, anticipating fighting our way up to the stage and having a great time in the mosh pit only to find this.

That's right, 400 empty VIP seats for a punk/hipster show. The only thing we could think was... once the beer started flowing and the music playing, those chairs are going to be anti-hippy weapons.

Well the first band started and the 800 or so people standing behind these empty chairs continually looked around for a reason why we weren't in there. Henry Clay People were surprisingly good. I'd never heard of them before (Probably because this was their first trip to St. Louis.)

Then there was this. It was like he wanted to show off for his first date sooooo much that he bought up all the VIP seats. Seriously, this guy and his girl sat alone in these seats for the last half of Henry Clay People and a large portion of the in between time.

Then Against Me! came out and they start letting us common folk fill the empty VIP seats with one rule... you had to sit in a seat. Nick and I opted to rock out in hte lawn still.

Tom, the singer from Against Me! made a comment that we should know our role, and that role is not in VIP.

Against Me! played most their set from their new Album "White Crosses" which is a great album, but since they didn't come to St. Louis to tour for their last record, Nick and I were hoping to see a bit more of a spread. For some reason they also added a keyboardist and their bassist was MIA. Overall though, they killed it.

Below is a live performance video, just so you could picture yourself there.