Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Being all Manly and Stuff

We've officially moved in. It was a hectic weekend. This is what the schedule was like.

1. Close on house at 10 am in Clayton
2. Get truck from St. Charles at 12:30
3. Grab dressers, refrigerator, and memories my mom wants to discard (jk) at 1pm
4. Haul booties back to St. Louis to move said items in
5. Move 30% of our stuff to new house
6. Use new found space in apartment to clean and pack the rest of stuff

1. Take apart rest of furniture
2. Move rest of 70% of stuff
3. Clean the apartment
4. Put together essential items: bed, television

1. Realized my wallet has been missing for several days
2. Run to Home Depot, Lowes, and Office Max looking for missing furniture. Completely unsuccessful. Beginning to hate Lowes for lack of help.
3. Return truck to St. Charles.
4. Unpack everything we own in a marathon 8 hour unpacking session
5. Locate wallet at 9 pm
6. Spend loads of money at Target getting stuff we need
7. Drink tallboys like construction workers at 11 pm

1. Amend taxes to get government monies in North County
2. Pay loads of taxes
3. Final walk through of apartment in South City
4. Run to Home Depot to get more of that stuff you didn't realize you need

The Lowdown on the Neighbors

Thus far we're loving our neighbors. They came out one by one to greet us as we were unloading things. Neighbors next door: Mark, Dot, and Nick, have lived here for 30 years. Said the neighborhood is great. Mark is one of those look out for your neighbors types. Nick is 18 years old and was doing those clapping push-ups in his front yard. He is more man than me, might need to get a big dog to even the playing field.

Next to them are Sheila and her husband and I can't remember his name. Sheila is one of those personalities that sticks with you. Everything she sees me her face lights up and she screams down the street, "Hey Dan" while waving her arm in the air like a muppet.

The neighbors on the other side are Asian. I mean real honest to god, don't speak much English, Asian. We heard them talking loudly through their open window. One time when I was taking trash out, the guy was in the backyard with a cigarette hanging from his mouth, a tall boy sitting on the porch and was weed whacking the entire yard. He said, "Good neighbor" and gave me the thumbs up. I don't know if he was saying he is a good neighbor, or I'm a good neighbor, or saying, "Good, a neighbor."

All Those Things You Find When Moving In

There's been relatively few issues with the house thus far.

1. Problem solved: (for me at least)The garage door/garage size is a little too small for Sallie to comfortably park her car. Don't think she didn't try. I thought she was going to break her teeth with disappointment. The scooter, my ride, now has a full garage to itself.

2. Problem Solved: Our upstairs shower had wall on one side and window on the other so you couldn't use your typical shower rod. After multiple trips to Home Depot and debating on whether we had the right item, we bought a curved rod. I installed that tonight using a drill. It was nerve wrecking knowing that I couldn't just poke holes in my wall until I got it right, but I did just fine and feel like more of a man.

3. Problem still very much unsolved, mocks me in my sleep: The connections for our washer are leaking water everytime you turn it on. At first I though that it was the hoses because they are 15 year old rubber hoses. We bought some of those new steel ones. Still was leaking everywhere.

Then we got some plumbers teflon tape. We wrapped exactly how shown in the youtube video I looked up, multiple times, and never could completely stop the leak. It got much better where the actual male/female connection is, but now its leaking out of the actual female hose end.

I've been cursing a lot trying to solve this issue. Anyone that has any suggestions, please send them my way.

4. Problem Unsolved, but about to be: We own a ton of kitchen appliances that take up a lot of space. We have a rice cooker, two blenders, a soda maker, a toaster and a juicer that have always sorta been thrown wherever. Our current house doesn't have any of these whatever places. So we had to order a pot rack and a kitchen island butchers block thing for more storage. Those should be here later this week. Hopefully that will mean I can stop eating take out and start cooking my own food again.

5. Natures problem, not mine: There's so much sunlight. Like ridiculous amounts. This has put Crash in a good enough mood to where I think outsiders could bet her without losing their face, but it means if somethings wakes me up after 7 am, I'm up. Sallie is going to make curtains to solve this issue. Hopefully sunlight repelling blackout curtains.

Other than that, this house is great. We look forward to having people over, wandering around in our underwear, singing Rock Band songs until 2 in the morning, and not hearing the disgusting sounds of an overweight drug dealing vet tech and a steel toed boot wearing red neck.