Thursday, June 25, 2009

Two weeks of pedding across the city

For those of you getting Moped envy, (Allyn) let me share with you some of the ridiculous parts of driving one of these.

First off, at work there is a stoplight to let you out of the garage. This stop light works on a sort of pressure plate. My moped isn't heavy enough to set this pressure plate off. I have to park, get off the moped, walk over to the crosswalk button, run back to the moped, knock the kickstand up, and drive off while all the angry cars stuck at the light scoff at me.

Second, because I'm not in a car people use it as an open forum to talk to me.

First time: "Dude where's your helmet?" I explained the nice apparent surfer that I just got the moped and haven't been able to purchase a helmet yet.

Second time: "Where'd you get that? I aint seem one of them before. That's neat." I answered him nicely, but then noticed that next to me was parked another moped, driving down the other lane was a moped, and two blocks from where we were was a moped dealership. I want to ask him, "How do you drive with your eyes closed?"

Third time: "Aye, you hear Michael Jackson is dead?" Well yes, and it's sad, but just because I don't have a steel frame around me that means we should converse at this stop light.

Then, not only do people talk to you, but those arseholes that pump their music beyond sane decibels and annoy the hell out of you in the car. Well its much worse when you're on a moped. When you give the person the dirty eye, they smile and turn it up.

I like the moped so far, but other people have no respect for 49ccs of raw power.