Saturday, June 13, 2009

Scooting into Greatness

I haven't really updated since the tragic arm hair burning of last week, but trust me much has happened.

A summarized version of what we've gone through in 1.5 weeks

by Dan Story

Sallie's job decided to terminate everyone's contracts and make them reapply for the same job they already have. After causing much unnecessary stress among all the employees (and a much unnecessary drinking problem among most of them) they had their re-interviews, and after much evidence to say Sallie was safe, she woke up early on Monday to drive 30 minutes to immediately be told she was being laid off. After biting her tongue and not saying what she really wanted to (and what I wished she would've said) she left with most of her self respect in tact, only telling them they should've called to save her the trip.

So, for the second time in a year, Sallie lost her job. She handled it much better this time and we knew we could survive on my salary for a while.

On Tuesday, thanks to Lacy, Sallie had an interview with America Equity Mortgage. It went well.

On Wednesday, she had an interview with the VP.

On Thursday, she woke up early, getting me to work late, to take a drug test. A few hours later, AEM called her back hiring her. For the first time in a year we will have insurance again.

Against all odds, Sallie Hickle was laid off in the worst economy since the Great Depression and was able to get a job paying similar rates within a few days. Could this be a sign of the economy getting better, or the absolute kick-ass abilities of Saldog.

We also bought a Mo-Ped today so I have transportation come Monday. Flashback to Myrtle Beach all the way. It was a steal.

Neil and my website ( seems to be gaining new fans everyday. Its an exciting time to have an opinion on the internet that people care about. (Or at least are entertained by) Sallie's only complaint is that I need an editor. I married one, but don't use her. It a deadly mixture of laziness and time constraints.

I've also made a couple posts to Lindsay's blog. Its pretty awesome. Its about songs and what they mean to you. Throw a post her way and she will put in on the internet if its worth it.

Other than that, we are doing pretty great right now. Still wish we had more free time in the week. Sometimes I think France has it right with the 35 hour workweek. I want more free time.