Sunday, February 9, 2014

Jammed Packed, Dress Clothes and Kittens

This was one of those weekends that went way too quick, but when I think back on it, we really just jammed packed it with too much.

We created a drinking game for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, which lead to me showing a buddy the cult of Playstation 4, which lead to us playing while listening to music, more drinks, and next thing you know, Friday night is over.

Saturday, I got out of bed, hit the gym, and we went to an afternoon Blues' game. This was the second game of the week where we got to sit within 10 rows of the ice, compliments of the Blues. By the time the game was over, it was dinner time. Then a quick nap, watch more Olympics, have some IPAs, and fall asleep relatively early.

And then today, wake up, go to store, get groceries to make home made strawberry pancakes, eat said pancakes, went to Kohl's to buy some dress clothes and look for sheets, and then to the gym.

That essentially is how every one of our weekends have been like since before Christmas. Just jammed. Next weekend, we're taking a long weekend so that we can do dumb things like renew our plates, go to the dentist, and try to fix one of the growing number of things wrong with our house.

So you might have noticed that I had to go to Kohl's for dress clothes and sheets. I was invited to a fancy pants steak/lobster dinner with the head of technology at works with a mix of six peers and managers. All of my dress clothes are from when I was almost 230 lbs. So I look a lot like a kid in art class wearing my dad's dress shirts as a smock.

I hate spending money on clothes that I hate wearing. It's one of those times that really wears Sal out because I regress into this 12 year old not wanting to get dressed for church. So, we found one pair of pants and one shirt. This was one of the few times where Kohl's really didn't have great deals. They were all buy one get one 50% off. I don't have the fluid cash to drop $100 on pants.

And their sheet selection left a lot to be desired.

This morning both the boys woke me up. It's one of those instances where you open your eyes and your two cats are so excited that you're awake and you forget all the times that you've hauled their poop filled litter boxes out to the dumpster or the thousands of dollars worth of damage they've done to the house. It was a good way to start the day.