Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Some Random Stuff

These are all things I've thought about, but didn't have enough to write a full blog.
  • I think vacation might have broke me. There are three things very apparent to me now that I'm back. 
    1. I hate owning a home. About 50% of my stress comes from owning a home. I don't know that I ever will again. Other than the, "I can do what I want" feeling, I hate it. I don't want to pay for things. I don't want to fix things. I don't want to do yard work. I see my home as a list of projects and bills I haven't paid yet.
    2. I don't want to work. Like, at all. I have no motivation. I got really depressed the night before I came back to work. I still haven't really shook that feeling of "bummer."
    3. I'm constantly tired. We're almost two weeks out from vacation at this point and I'm going to bed early and waking up late. I just can't force myself back into a routine.

  • Working from home is mostly great. I get chores done during my lunch breaks. We don't need a second car. We don't pay for the gas. I save about 5 hours a week by not having to drive. I get to watch a ton of films and TV shows. However, there are a few things that suck. 
    1. I have essentially created a prison for myself. We adjusted life to me working at home and if I were to ever look for other work, I have to consider the money and time we would spend. Essentially, I would need to make about $12,000 more a year unless I found a job within 5 miles of me.
    2. Sometimes you have to put on blue jeans just to feel human. Living mostly in sweat pants isn't all it's made out to be. 
  • I'm way more considerate than most people. 
    1. During the snow day, my neighbor spent all morning digging out a parking spot, shoveling a path down the walkway so that his wife could get in her car. She left and someone pulled right into that spot and didn't move their car again until the snow had melted. After I noticed this, I focused on it. I couldn't stop thinking about it. 
    2. I've also noticed that I say thank you more than most people. I remember when I started making an effort to say thank you, it did feel a little awkward. Now it feels as natural as saying hello. Beyond that, if I get exceptional service, I go out of my way to call the manager of that person and tell them. 
  • I expect too much of some people and have been trying to curb my expectations. I don't understand how people can't cleanup clutter immediately, or use common sense to solve problems at work, or work hard. Over the past few years this has caused me a lot of stress because I would pick up the slack for people and never say anything. I'm trying to not let it bother me as much this year.
  • I'm terrified of ice skating after not doing it for three years. But this is also one of the ways I can prove to myself I'm getting better. I'm going to strap on skates in the next few weeks and make it happen.
  • Scottrade Center is ranked #4 for best NHL arena. I don't necessarily agree with most of this list. Xcel Energy Center sort of sucked and Bridgestone arena was hands down the best place I've seen a hockey game. But that's why we love lists, so we can argue about them.
  • I think my generation is doomed to always worry about our jobs. I've never felt secure in a job I've had since my first layoff. I'm constantly looking for signs that I'm replaceable. At the same time, I really don't want to look for a new job.