Tuesday, March 26, 2013


There's this girl I dated briefly in college. She was a free-spirit, hippy chick. Someone that could sleep as comfortably on the street as she could in a bed. Someone that was into all sorts of drugs, the Beatles, dreadlocks, etc.

Really, someone that I probably should have never been with in the first place, but those sort of people are incredibly charismatic and she wanted guitar lessons from me... one thing led to another... we dated briefly and obviously crashed and burned... and we're both better off.

Anyway, before I went on that tirade... the reason I'm talking about this girl is that since she left college a few years back, she's been traveling to the most insane places.

She taught in Korea for a few years. Did a bike riding trip across central America. Spent 3 weeks in Jamaica on their beautiful beaches and rain forests. She's currently in Ecuador  hiking to remote mountain villages and seeing volcanic craters.

Sallie and I haven't taken a real vacation since we got married. We've been pining for a real honeymoon and have talked about some dream destinations for some time, but have been unable to get the money together to do anything.

I just wonder, how does this person that hasn't had a steady job since getting a psychology degree get to travel to all these exotic places but Sallie and I with full time jobs can't even get to wine country for a week?

Are we doing something wrong? Is she finding good deals? Or is she just good enough at being frugal that she can get to these places for almost no money?