Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Going Deaf

Apparently my entire body is rejecting my existence right now.

Since Monday the 18th, I've had this ringing in my left ear. Sometimes its so faint, I don't notice it unless I really strain to hear it. But others, like after spending an entire weekend in loud movie theaters, the ringing blasts my brain like a heavy metal concert.

It doesn't necessarily feel like I'm going deaf. I mean, I guess I wouldn't know, so its very possible I'm going deaf, but when I'm in the shower or out in the cold (extreme temperatures) I can feel just gunk in my ear canal down my neck.

So I looked up, "Ringing in Left Ear."

After I sifted through the internet extremes of "you probably have a tumor in your ear" I found that it can be a few things.

I could be permanent Tinnitus which is a fancy way of saying I'm going deaf at age 28.

It could be temporary Tinnitus that can actually last up to a few months and then just go away. This is caused by things like going to concerts, which, I haven't done in a long time.

It can be caused by extreme stress, changes in diet, emotional stress, etc. Basically, everything that happened from December 14th until now.

It can also be caused by inner ear infections or impacted ear wax, which are both the most likely reasons.

Basically, there are so many things that can be causing it, that there's no way of knowing without going to a doctor, which I am on Friday the 15th. By then, I will have been dealing with this annoying ringing for 4 weeks. I just hope, the doc is able to stick something in my ear and rip whatever is causing it out.