Friday, January 11, 2013

You're Doing it Wrong

What Sallie and I were afraid of has happened, our gym has been over-run with New Year's Resolution Noobs.

Whatever, good on them. Get into shape. I hope you keep coming.

However, as I waited for one of the bikes to open up, I noticed there were several people that should not be wasting gym space.

  • If you're sitting on a bike, watching the Family Feud for 8 minutes without actually peddling the bike, get out of my gym.
  • If you show up for a personal trainer session, and tell the person you need to leave after 10 minutes, you might as well burn your money in a fireplace. 
  • If you're walking on a treadmill at a slower pace than you walked into the place, while being able to talk on your phone, GTFO. 
  • Once I was on the bike, the girl next to me was barely peddling because she was busy playing on Facebook on her new iPhone. OUT! 
  • Girl wearing the very skimpy sports bra to show off your breast job, stop it! We're all sweaty and trying to get things done. I'm not going to ogle your stripper boobs. 
  • And, if you show up to the gym in loafers... well, you're just wanting to relax. The gym is not the place for that. 
It'll be annoying like this until at least mid-February. We either have to deal with there being 300 people trying to use 250 machines or we have to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn to beat the morning crowd. I think Sal and I agree, the morning is worth it.

On another note, the cleanse we wanted to do is over. 4 days of un-satisfying meals in the history books. I will say, I dropped 6 lbs in those 4 days. It's amazing how little water weight you retain when you aren't eating so much sodium. 

We found out the lady that wrote that book is sort of a well-known fraud in Britain. And looking through her book further, I don't think a 90 lb British lady knows what a 200 lb American male needs to eat. 90% of everything in the book is cold juices or salads. Not satisfying at all. 

So we're going to follow the other rules for the rest of the month. Really, we'll be doing something closer to a Paleo-diet. (Minus the red meat) So, only a little more than 3 weeks left and the results will be in.