Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why I Hate Craig's List: A Simple List

Craig's list is this tool essentially destroying newspapers, taking some business from Ebay, and allowing creepsters free access to trick people.

It's a thorn in a lot of people's side.

For those of you that don't know, Craigslist is a free website where you can post job openings, sell crap you don't want, and try to hook up.

Basically you get a bunch of creepers saying thing things like "I smelled your skin from across the bus and cut a lock of your hair off when you weren't looking." in the missed connections part.

Then in the Job listings, you get shady cults saying, "We can't tell you anything about the company, how much it pays, or what you'll be doing until you sign a contract saying you'll work for us."

There have even been profitable prostitution rings ran from Craigslist for months before anyone stopped them. How naive are the admins to not see these advertisements.

But that's not the worst part. Anyone with a brain can sift through the bull crap up there.

The worst part is when you try to sell something on there. Basically anything that's too large for me to try to ship, I try to sell on Craigslist since its usually local pickup.

Some examples of where this goes very south:

Con artists and spammers make a living off of Craigslist.

-Tried to sell my guitar amp that is worth $850 for $400 on Craigslist. I immediately got 200 emails from African princes that wanted me to send money to Miami to get a courier service to pick up the amp and then they would send me $800 extra. Email was filled with spam until I deleted the listing.

You must invite some strange and creepy people into your house sometimes.

-Sold one of my friend's mattress while we were in college. I had six people come over to the house to look at the mattress. All of them would look at the mattress for about thirty seconds and then they would start looking at all the other stuff I have in the house.This isn't a library, give me money or get out!

Also, no matter what the price is on something, you will never have someone pay the full price.

-We sold our scooter in Myrtle Beach, said $500, no negotiations. We had two people come look at it the day we were moving. They couldn't be there a day sooner. First guy was fairly nice, but then gave us a $250 offer. Not only did he not adhear to the no negotiations, but he halved the price. Insult me why don't you.

-Second guy and his son come later on. They wasted extra time by refusing to take our directions and wanting to use their GPS that we told them wouldn't get them to our place. More than an hour late, the bratty son rides the scooter and says, "Well its not as fast as the one I have at school." I reply with, "It goes as fast as it can in South Carolina without having to get it licensed." His father, who just wants the scooter so they can use it at their summer house, offers me $350. I tell him to piss off and eventually get him to come up to $400. I'm so tired by now that I accept, and then the guy has the audacity to look at me like he wants me to load it into his truck.

People promise much and never deliver.

-I'm trying to sell an Xbox Entertainment tower right now. I've had a guy tell me he is coming over six different times... and this tower is still in my living room. I've stopped responding to this guys emails by now.

The awkward silent stare down.

-There's always a point where you and the customer stare at whatever is being sold for about a minute. My mind immediately starts thinking, "How much is this guy going to try to screw me for?" His mind starts thinking, "How much can I screw this guy?" Neither wants to make the first move, so after wasting three minutes with silence the customer will offer about 70% of what you asked, you'll say no, and then they'll raise their price by about $5 and tell you all the reasons why that's worth more than what you're selling.

So I guess in conclusion what I'm saying is, don't support Craigslist. It gives a venue for people we don't want to interact with to get into your personal life. I want newspapers to start making money again and I want pedophiles on Craigslist to have to find another place to be disgusting.