Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanks! (for all the fish)

I was standing in line at the grocery store tonight, buying some last minute Thanksgiving food (I know, dumb night to do this) and I noticed that the mood was lifted. Everyone was talking to everyone. The large man in front of me looked at the whisky and 7up I was buying with a smile on his face. "OH, some good ole' fashioned 7 and 7. That's the perfect holiday drink." Together we reminisced about past holidays while we waited in the seemingly unmoving line. When he checked out, he looked me in the eye, shook my hand and said, "Have a wonderful holiday season." A simple sentence that can invoke the most sincere well wishes that two acquaintances can share.

There are literally a thousand things to be thankful for on a daily basis. I'm thankful to have such an entertaining, driven, loving family each with their own lively personalities. Everyone from Grandma's ability to brighten any room, to the little brothers constantly flipping off government symbols, the in-laws, to honorary family members. The people I'm surrounded by seem to be the last stronghold for good compassionate people on the planet.

I'm thankful that the individual struggles and demon's tearing at everyone's beings never got the better of anyone. Through the weak economy and world conflicts, we are all able to not only survive but thrive.

I'm thankful that there are people like my cousin Ryan that have the guts to fight for what's right in this world. People like me have never had the guts to stand up, and literally bring the fight to the darkness.

I'm thankful that Sallie is working at a newspaper again. The passion and spirit she had when we first started dating has been reignited with a brighter burning color than before.

I'm proud that my dad has been able to make it literally after having the world cave in on him. He's been able to beat odds most of us never face. I never heard him use the words, "I give up" even in his darkest moments. An unspoken testament of his character.

I'm proud of my mother, years after leaving school, she's able to continue and just about complete her further education. The odds were against her being able to work full time, run a house, and go to school, but again she persevered.

What can I say, I got some damn stubborn and persistant genes. Nothing is able to keep us down.

I'm thankful that my kittens have personality and don't just sleep, eat, and poop. Although there are times when Slider deserves to be choked, I would want no other cat.

I'm thankful that Michael, our adopted cat is now staying in a warm caring house. Now he'll be able to shed all over someone else's work pants when he greets them.

And although this might seem a little superficial, I'm glad the Get Up Kids are back together. This band literally represents the happiness of late highschool and early college for me and my group of friends that I still hang out with. We could all relate to the feeling of restlessness, abandonment, and mischief The Get Up Kids sang about. (They are from Kansas City, so it makes sense.)

I made a mixed CD for Sallie for when she went to Germany. I had one song in mind when I started it, "I'll Catch You" by The Get Up Kids. I built the playlist based off this song. If we didn't got with Stevie Wonder for our first dance as a married couple, I would've pushed for this one.

I look forward to the next year with everyone. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Peace, love, and empathy