Saturday, November 8, 2008

Some stuff and things about the election

So my mind is spinning with a hurricane of thousands of thoughts and emotions and excitement and pity, not helped by an election and seeing Henry Rollins.

Let’s start with the election outcome. Obama wins, and for the first time in American history, a black man will assume the role of president. I didn’t get to vote, (stupid not having a car always getting in the way) but I would’ve voted for Obama, and my reasons why don’t have much to do with Democrats or Republicans, liberals or conservatives.

I’ve already explained briefly in the past that the vice presidential candidates had/have a good chance of becoming president. If McCain won, he would probably have a heart attack while in office, and although Sarah Palin is adorable, tax payers would’ve been flying her five children around the world with Gucci bags and Versacchi clothes. (In case you don’t know, Palin has a world of trouble waiting for her back in Alaska.)

Part of McCain’s campaign strategy was to paint Obama as a terrorist. The moment it was common knowledge that Obama’s middle name was Hussein, my email inbox was flooded with emails saying Obama is part of Al-Qaeda. (Although Saddam Hussein was never officially linked to them, making the author of this chain letter even more ignorant.) So not only are there already tons of gun wielding racists in America, but now they have to be even angrier that a black man is president. I hope it doesn’t happen, but I think the secret service will have their hands full protecting our president.

Other than the likelihood of the vice president becoming president, Obama just seems like a better man. Ten years ago, McCain would’ve had my full support, but now he is just a wrinkled version of what the Republicans wanted him to be. Both candidates were somewhat spoon-fed what to say along party lines like any politician, but Obama handled it better.

I read an article on BBC News stating reasons why McCain lost. Of course there was his link to Bush, Palin as VP, and his age. The author of this article also noticed that during the debates and various speeches, McCain seemed to be holding back some serious anger issues. When I started looking at You Tube clips of the debates, I noticed this too. Anything McCain throws at Obama, Obama coolly destroys and throws it back at McCain. This happens over and over again. Its not that McCain didn’t have valid points, it’s just that Obama knew how to handle them.

I would also have voted for Obama because of foreign politics. Its not that Obama has more experience with foreign politics, it’s the fact that world leaders are excited about working with Obama. The fact that Obama wants to talk to our “enemies” to try and peacefully resolve tension between us and them, shows his character. McCain simple said, “We’re staying in Iraq and anyone else that wants to mess with us will have to deal with us too.” (Paraphrased from a much longer, more eloquent speech.)

We’re already at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the current administration has brought us on the brink of war with Russia, Pakistan, and Iran as well as isolated us from most of Western Europe and the U.N. Bush’s administration still has a couple days to ruin the world and kill thousands more people.

Like I said before: My “what if I could’ve voted” decision had nothing to do with issues because besides a few changed details, neither candidate had anything particularly new to say. They followed party lines, much to the demise of the American election system. It had more to do with the person. McCain I think does more good in the Senate than he could as president.

That is a brief version of what I thought about this election, for more information give me a call or have a sit down with me.

I saw Henry Rollins again a few days ago. Like always he entertained, inspired, energized, and educated a couple thousand people. If you’ve never seen him or heard of him, let me know. I have a few CDs and DVDs.