Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Updated Bucket List

In August of 2013, I was musing about the pursuit of happiness and what essentially boils down to my bucket list.

Most of what was holding me back from completing a lot of my bucket list was our dire financial situation at the time. I'm staring at the second (out of ten) student loan being paid off in a week and our car loan dropping below a major milestone.

Sal and I both have jobs that pay us much more than what we had in 2013 and the strain we carried around in our necks has loosened considerably.

It's had me thinking about the "bucket list" again. Things I want to do and pursue.

The original list still stands, with some things actually checked off.

  • Complete: See a top level football match in Europe. Saw Dortmund play in front of 78,000 people in 2015. It was like Harry Potter.
  • Eat steak tartar and drink a bottle of nice French wine in Paris - Sal is learning French now, so hopefully in the next few years. 
  • See the Blues win the Stanley Cup and subsequently kiss the cup.  - So close, yet so far.
  • Complete: Drink a Guinness from the brewery in Dublin. Drank the pint from the top of Guinness overlooking all of Dublin.
  • Learn to snowboard. Well... that whole knee thing has probably made this unobtainable. 
  • Get something published. I swear, I'm still working on this. 
  • Tip someone a ton of money on Christmas Eve. - Hmmm... maybe this year?
  • Tour Napa Valley without a plan. The plan is to do this for our 10th anniversary.
  • Have one of my beer creations commercially sold, even if just for one run. - Not a crazy thing to think.
  • Have a hop filled tour of the Pacific Northwest. - Again, maybe for our 10th anniversary.
  • See a major Canadian team NHL game: Canadiens or Maple Leafs - Sal and I are having a lot of talks about doing this in 2017. 
Not bad right? Completed 2 within 3 years. 

Well, some new things have popped onto the list. 

  • Go to Wrestlemania - With how much professional wrestling has become a part of my and most of my best friend's lives, this will definitely happen within the next couple years. Think of it as going to the largest circus on the planet. 
  • Play a game of PacMan at Twin Galaxies in Ottumwa Iowa, the video game capital of the world. 
  • Skate on a frozen pond
  • See Saturday Night Live ... live and as a side bonus, see the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Square
I'll check back in probably in 2 years and see how much progress I've made. Hoping to have 2-3 more of these checked off the list.