Monday, January 4, 2016

That New Year's Resolution Post

Every year I hesitate to call these New Year's Resolutions. I treat them more like State of the Dan Addresses.

Last year I said I wanted to give money to various podcasts and websites that I use for free all the time. I wanted to give to twelve different places in twelve months. Well, I half completed that. Unfortunately other financial matters took precedent rather than Game Over Greggy getting $5 from me. I did give to several podcasts and Wikipedia. So that one is 50% and I'm going to try to carry it into this year.

In 2016, I've got a few things I want to accomplish.

  1. Every week, I need to spend at least two hours either writing, playing guitar, or brewing. These are three things I love that I haven't done since October. That's pathetic. And I'm not talking about, have only dabbled. I'm talking I haven't done them once. 
  2. And that brings me to number two. We were overbooked last year. Way overbooked. Sal and I would have a drink, think about someone we haven't seen in forever, and then make plans with them. Then we would look at the calendar and all of a sudden every weekend is booked up, some Thursdays are, and then holiday season would hit and every day but Monday is filled. We cannot survive that again.
  3. Third, and this will sound like a waste of time to most of you, I am going to play one game a week for at least an hour and then write about it in my very stale sister blog, Nostalgia Gamer
  4. I haven't decided if I'm going to do this yet, but I like the idea. This American Life this week talked about Internet trolls. I see them all the time. Comment sections of the newspaper, comments section of Facebook, Reddit, Twitter... just trolls trolls trolls. I can't handle the negativity. So I thought it would be nice if once a week I also wrote a nice little note to an author I like, person that did something awesome, etc. Just to put a little positivity back into the world. 
Like the actual State of the Union, I'll probably only have about a 60% completion rate and you know what, that's not bad. 60% in life is pretty damn good.