Friday, November 15, 2013

Like This

Social media drives me nuts a lot of times.

I hate that people give live play-by-plays of sports or TV shows on Twitter and Facebook.

I don't like the pictures with walls of text that boil down a complicated issue into three lines.

I don't like when I get tagged in posts on Facebook that I don't care about and then deal with the notifications all day.

I hate that people can't just eat their meal and have to take pictures of it.

I've long shed MySpace, Linked In, and Four Square. I've refused to join Instagram or Snapchat. Just enough people! ENOUGH!

But, the one thing that social media does do well, is give little positive boosts to people. Every time you get a like on Facebook or Instagram, or someone favorites your Tweet, you get cheered in Untapped, or get a +1 on Google Plus, you get a little boost in your day. It's small, but it's there. 

So that is my half-hearted attempt to bring a little optimism to the cesspool that is half full known as Social Media.