Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cut Me Open Again

Went to the doctor for my year checkup on my leg.

He was impressed with how well the nerve has healed and how powerful my foot is, but then I told him I still can't run.

He started popping my knee out of place and back in and testing everything and he says he can feel that its still loose. He then pulled up my old MRI and we started looking at it. Looks like my PCL hasn't healed as much as the doctor want it to.

During the original surgery, he couldn't reattach the PCL for a few reasons.Be biggest of those, he literally couldn't reattach it with the hardware I got on my bone. Also, if he tried to fix all the ligaments at the same time, I wouldn't have been able to bend my knee as far as quickly. It would've tightened up too much. He said it would be possible I would never have a full range of motion again.

So, for now, I'm going to keep working out and see if I can build the muscle and make it a little better, but the doctor said if I ever want to be able to run again and be somewhat of a functioning person, something will have to be done.

Right now, he's trying to get me a PCL brace donated. He said a lot of people can just wear this brace when they want to run or do high impact aerobics and are fine, but I'm not even 30 yet. I won't want to have to wear a brace the rest of my life.

So, I go back in February and that's when we're seriously going to have to start talking about me going under the knife again. I'd get all the hardware removed from my leg and the PCL reattached. He said the PCL is a bit harder to do physical therapy on, but what I've already been through, I'm sure its not going to be as bad.

As a side effect to whatever he did on Thursday, I've been getting these weird hot flashes in my knee. They happen every few hours and you can feel the heat through my skin. Not sure what that means.