Friday, January 13, 2012

Resolutions - 1 week later

Things got really busy immediately after my resolutions blog from 10 days ago, so the start of completing things wasn't looking so great.

Sallie and I did manage to go out to a new place in St. Louis that was on our list, the Scottish Arms. They obviously are a Scottish pub and restaurant.

We didn't get to the restaurant until about 8:45, which worked out because the people we were meeting there had been waiting 45 minutes for a seat and the table we needed ended up clearing about 10 minutes later.

Of course we were ravenous by the time we got to sit down and eat, but hunger aside, I'm pretty sure the food was fantastic. I ended up having the Berkshire Pork Burger, which is strange, cause I really don't like pork very much, and I can't remember ever ordering pork at a restaurant before. I washed that down with a Scottish beer I'd never had before, the Belhaven Wee Heavy. I tasted much like a Newcastle to me, maybe a little sweeter. Wasn't bad, just nothing to write home about.

Other than the 55 minute wait for a table, and the 30 minute wait for our check, I enjoyed the place enough to give it a second chance at a less busy time.


Since insurance kicked me outta therapy, Sallie and I ended up joining a gym.

We went after I got off work one day around 8:30 pm, and there were probably 200 people working out. It was a sweaty, crowded nightmare.

So we planned on going in the morning on Wednesday (which didn't happen because we were so tired) and went this morning early. (Had to go this morning, Sallie had an appointment with her Greek, male, incredibly handsome, personal trainer. I had to just watch as he stretched her out, and massaged her muscles... well back to the story) Got a great workout in, I'm feeling rightfully sore.

The best news is I stepped on a scale (which is usually against my beliefs) and I weigh like 10-15 lbs less than I thought I would after so much inactivity and heavy holiday food. So Huzzah!


On the house project front, I've been stripping paint from this bathroom window all week. We found that at least 4 generations of people didn't do this window right. Layer after layer of cheap all purpose paint, stretched by moisture.

I can't even imagine the chemical cocktail of deadly poisons that are probably in my lungs from these paints. If all goes well though, we will at least have the bathroom completely painted by the end of our 4 day weekend.