Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Running Sucks

You’ve probably noticed my updates here and there about running a lot, losing weight, etc.

Sallie and I are training for this half marathon. I’ve never been much of a runner. My fastest mile run time was 7:23. At the track and field events, I often found myself in the field. And really, there’s no worse punishment for me, than to force me outside to run.

What was I thinking?

To be fair, I started seeing great results. I had more energy. I’ve lost about 16lbs since my official weigh in. I’ve definitely lost some of my mass. (I can no longer grab the side love handles.)

For the first time since my 5th grade 7:23 run, I was able to run a sub-10 minute mile.

Also, for the first time, I’ve been able to run more than 2 miles consecutively. My current record is 5.3 miles in one sitting.

So, thus far, this experiment has been a pretty huge success.

The past two weeks though, I’ve had major setbacks and problems.

First, with Lacy coming in town, and certain obligations and events popping up, I’ve not had a normal training week in about 2 weeks. Last week, I was forced to workout 5 days in a row because I missed two at the beginning of the week. By Sunday, when I was helping with moving, I wanted to collapse.

Second, I’ve been hitting a wall. Not a medium height, 3 foot wall. I’m talking a 10 foot tall, lined with barbed wire, Berlin type wall. Every time I start running, I hit a point between 1.75-2.25 miles where my body just can’t seem to push itself anymore. I started running awkwardly with my feet hitting the pavement hard and sort of pointed outward like a duck.

My breathing becomes labored, which is hope is merely my allergies, and I can’t seem to find a breath of air. On one particularly short run outside with Sallie, I was hyperventilating after only a half mile.

Then there’s the motivation, both before the workout and during.

I wake up at 9 am. This is after often going to bed between 2-3 am. When I wake up at 9 am, I have a routine. A routine that has to be followed to a “T” otherwise I have the worst day ever. I brush my teeth, pour a huge cup of coffee, pour a bowl of sugar enriched cereal, and watch an episode of King of the Hill on Netflix. Once the episode is done, I immediately grab my pre-packed lunch and clothes and hop on the scooter.

Recently, the episode ends and I just sit on the couch for 5-10 minutes contemplating going back to bed, contemplating calling into work, contemplating just giving up and living as a fat guy.

I’ve only given into this contemplation a few times, and of those few times I always end up feeling bad about it at night and spend the first hour of being home, running outside. But its getting much harder to fight the urge not to go.

Once I get to the gym, I have a problem of remaining motivated. I guess motivated isn’t exactly the correct word, more like entertained.

A podcast would fill my hour at the gym easily, but I find when I’m running, a podcast doesn’t keep me going. I have to listen to fast pumping music so I can close my eyes, forget about the pain I’m going d in the band through, and picture me as the lead in the band.

Problem is trying not to stare at that console every song and seeing what little progress I’ve made. As soon as I see I’ve gone less than half a mile, I’m ready to give up. Then I start looking every half song. Soon all the aches and pains and shortness of breath is highlighted and I really just want to give up.
I’m worried about this half marathon. I don’t feel like there is enough time to prep. I really could use another 2-4 weeks. The few times I’ve ran outside, I’ve been lucky to beat 2 miles easily.