Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rofl-copters, I luv social media

There's this ridiculous thing called "social media" nowadays. People like throwing the term around like its some sort of legitimate news source. Essentially, this is a fancy pants way of giving your blog, Facebook page, twitter account, and "website" more respectability.

The creation of the term social media has also spawned the term "industrial media." According to Wikipedia, this is essentially all the "old-fashioned" ways we used to get news of the world: newspapers, films, and radio. Essentially, you're considered industrial media if you have editors, fact checkers, and a professional staff.

I love the term "industrial media." Lends to a description this blue collared, sweat beading on your forehead, factory. It gives a connotation that you are outdated and going extinct.

However, your poorly grammered Facebook update, spelling error riddled tweet, and opinionated "news" blog are somehow above this. Its some sort of new Hipster, elitism. "I talk more about Miley Cyrus than CNN, therefore I'm more of an expert on anything she does." B-list celebrities like Perez Hilton have made undeserved careers out of societies insatiable appetite for celebrity gossip.

Some companies are starting to invest in "Social Media" advertising. In my day, those were called banners, pop-ups, and annoyances. Now its a cool way for companies like Pepsi to give some jerk millionaire Facebook executive more money to crowd more of my Facebook page with crap.

Somehow, people believe putting some horribly written, forced rhymed poetry is as deep as anything Yeats could've written. Guess what?, you're wrong. I went to school and learned the finer points of writing and I still haven't come close to Yeats. Just because you post something on your blog, doesn't mean you're talented. Often times, it means just the opposite.

I'm worried about the current state of the internet. Too many people have too many ways to express their opinions. Porn used to be the scariest thing on the internet, now its people like this guy.