Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas from Beyond

I know my family will love this story, but some background for those that don't know. My uncle Larry passed away over ten years ago. He was an outdoors man, great with his hands, and better at his smile.

So last night, Slider woke me up in the middle of the night and I moved to the couch because that usually will calm him down. I don't know if he doesn't like that I sleep with his mother and not him, but sleeping out there where he can perch on top of me normally settles him down.

I had a dream that I was in old town Florissant with a couple of my college roomates. We were constantly hanging around some old pizza place that was housed in a brick building. All I remember about the dream is some ghost named Mary kept trying to tell us something and we couldn't figure out what it was.

We ended up going to my Grandma's for Christmas shortly after wards, which is weird because I haven't been able to go the past two years because of my sub-human status at work.

Eventually I woke up to go to work, but the dream sort of stayed in the back of my mind all day long.

Tonight, I was looking for a new book to read. Sallie bought me a book called "The Ghost Hunters Strangest Cases" about two years ago. It was very early on in our dating. I haven't picked it up yet and I sort of forgot about it... until tonight.

So I picked up the book and got about six pages into the first chapter when all of a sudden a Polaroid picture fell out of it.

On the picture is a little boy, probably about three years old, in a blue jacket, staring up at a robot. The robot is holding a sign that is hard to read and a flower. I know its Christmas because the tree is right next to the little boy and robot. Its in my grandmas living room that we always have Christmas in.

I bought the picture into better light and the sign reads, "Dad, Mom, + Family. Have a Very Merry Christmas. HO! HO! Larry"

Sort of got this weird feeling in my stomach like it was a joke being played on my by Larry. I can picture him smiling right now, nudging Jake in the chest asking, "Do you think we got 'em good enough?"

If anyone can claim this picture I'll gladly give it back, otherwise I'm hanging it up.